Sakura English サクラ・イングリッシュ


英単語 英語フレーズ

1As well as〜と同様にHe has gone to NY as well as I have.
2A cup of一杯のI'd like a cup of tea.
3A few少しのA few members left here.
4A glass of一杯のCan I have a glass of water?
5A great number of多数のA great number of people went to the stadium.
6A group of〜の一団We are a group of five.
7A kind of一種のIt’s a kind of virus.
8A little少しI speak English a little.
9A long time agoThis picture was painted a long time ago.
10A lotたくさんThanks a lot.
11A lot ofたくさんのI have a lot of hobbies.
12A member of〜の一員He's a member of the team.
13A pair of1組のI bought a pair of shoes.
14A piece of一枚の、一片のIt's a piece of cake.
15A sheet of一枚のI got a sheet of paper from her.
16After a whileしばらく後After a while, it starts raining.
17After all結局After all, life is not so bad.
18After school放課後I practice soccer after school.
19Again and again何度もHe asked me the same question again and again.
20Agree with同意するI agree with you.
21All aloneひとりぼっちでHe walked all alone yesterday.
22All aroundあたり一面にThere are many flowers all around the house.
23All day一日中I worked hard all day long.
24All over〜のいたるところでShe is popular all over the world.
25All right.いいですよ。All right.
26All the timeずっとHe is late all the time.
27And so on〜などI have collected many stamps, books and so on.
28Any of〜のどれでもYou can use any of them.
29Any other他に何かDo you have any other questions?
30Around the world世界中でHer music is loved by people around the world.
31Arrive at到着するHe arrived at the station at 3 pm.
32As hard as you canできるだけ一生懸命You should study as hard as you can.
33As tall as〜くらい高いI'm as tall as my father.
34As long as〜する限りはYou can stay here, as long as you keep quiet.
35As soon as〜するとすぐにHe started to run as soon as He finished.
36As usualいつものようにI spent my holiday as usual.
37Ask him to彼に〜するように頼むI asked him to call me back.
38At a time一度にSea turtles lay about 100 eggs at a time.
39At any timeいつでもYou can use the bathroom at any time.
40At first最初はI didn't speak English well at first.
41At home家でI eat dinner at home every day.
42At lastついにI passed the exam at last.
43At least少なくともYou should call me at least once a month.
44At night夜にI drink a cup of tea at night.
45At onceすぐにHe came up to me at once.
46At school学校でI'm learning French at school.
47At that timeその時I was in trouble at that time.
48At the age of〜歳のときにShe started playing the piano at the age of six.
49At the end of〜の最後にAt the end of the year, we cleaned up the backyard.
50At the same time同時にWe started to run at the same time.
51Away from〜から離れてMy house is about 5 kilometers away from the station.
52Be absent from〜を欠席するHe was absent from school.
53Be afraid of〜をこわがるI'm afraid of dogs.
54Be able to〜することができるI was able to win the game.
55Be born生まれるI'm born in Canada.
56Be busy with〜で忙しいHe is busy with his work.
57Be careful about〜に注意するI'm careful about my health.
58Be covered with〜で覆うThe top of the mountain was covered with snow.
59Be different from〜と違うHis idea is different from mine.
60Be famous for〜で有名だNiigata is famous for Rice.
61Be friendly to〜に親切だShe is friendly to everybody.
62Be full of〜でいっぱいだThis room is full of toys.
63Be glad to〜で嬉しいI'm glad to hear that.
64Be good at〜が得意だHe's good at dancing.
65Be happy to〜して嬉しいI'm happy to see you.
66Be impressed with〜に感動するI was impressed with his drawing.
67Be in trouble〜に困っているI'm in trouble.
68Be interested in〜に興味があるI'm interested in music.
69Be kind to〜に親切だHe is kind to everybody.
70Be late for〜に遅れるYou'll be late for school.
71Be made of〜から作られているThis chair is made of wood.
72Be overおわるThe meeting will be over at 5 pm.
73Be popular among〜の間で人気〜のあるHer music is popular among young people.
74Be proud of〜を誇りに思うI'm proud of you.
75Be ready to〜する用意ができているI'm ready to go.
76Be responsible for〜に責任があるWe are responsible for our children.
77Be sick in bed病気で寝ているHe has been sick in bed for a week.
78Be supposed to〜することになっているHe's supposed to be here by six.
79Be surprised at〜に驚くHe was surprised at the news.
80Be surprised to〜して驚くI'm surprised to hear that.
81Be used to〜に慣れているI am used to staying at home alone.
82Because of〜のためにHe was late because of the rain.
83Begin to〜し始めるHe's beginning to run.
84Begin with〜から始めるYou should begin with studying French.
85Believe in〜の存在を信じるDo you believe in ghosts?
86Belong toに所属するDo you belong to any clubs at school?
87Between A and BAとBの間にI live in the house between Asakusa and Ueno.
88Both A and BAもBも両方ともI want to eat both chicken and pork.
89Both of〜の両方ともBoth of these are mine.
90Bring back〜を持って帰るHe brought back his backpack from school.
91Bring up〜を育てるShe brought up her daughters.
92By busバスでI go to school by bus.
93By hand手製でHe sent a message written by hand.
94By mistake間違ってHe broke the toy by mistake.
95By myself一人でI make dinner by myself.
96By the wayところでBy the way, how's your mother?
97Call back電話をかけ直すCould you call me back later?
98Catch a cold風邪をひくDo you catch a cold?
99Clean up〜をかたづけるI have to clean up my room.
100Come and see会いに来るDo you want to come and see my baby?
101Come back to〜へ帰ってくるHe came back from Tokyo.
102Come from〜の出身であるI come from Japan.
103Come in入るMay I come in?
104Come on.元気出して、がんばって。Come on! You're almost finished.
105Come out of〜から出てくるHe came out of the office.
106Come true実現するYour dream will come true.
107Come up近づくHe came up and spoke to me.
108Communicate with〜と意思を伝え合うWe can communicate with him.
109Continue to〜しつづけるHe continued to study day after day.
110Could you〜していただけますか?Could you open the window?
111Cut down〜を切り倒すThey cut down the tree last week.
112Day after dayくる日もくる日もDay after day, she worked hard.
113Day and night昼も夜もHe's thinking about her day and night.
114Deal with〜に対処するYou need to deal with his concern.
115Decide to〜しようと決心するI decided to study English.
116Depend onに頼る、次第であるIt depends on the weather.
117Die of〜で死ぬHe died of cancer.
118Do my best全力をつくすI'll do my best.
119Do my homework宿題をするDid you do your homework before dinner?
120Do wellうまくやるI know you can do well.
121Don't have to〜する必要はないYou don't have to eat anymore.
122During my stay in滞在中にI'm going to go fishing during my stay.
123Each ofそれぞれのEach of us can choose the menu.
124Each otherお互いWe smiled at each other.
125Either A or BAかBかどちらかI don't like Math or English.
126Enough toするのに十分He's rich enough to buy a new car.
127every day毎日I go to school on foot every day.
128Exchange A for BAとBを取り替えるCould you exchange Yen for the dollar?
129Fall down倒れる、落ちるSome leaves fell down from the tree.
130Far away遠くにLook at the building far away.
131Far from〜から遠いMy house is far from the station.
132Feel sorry for〜を気の毒に思うI feel sorry for him.
133Fill 〜with〜でいっぱいにするHe filled the glass with water.
134Find out〜を見つけ出すI'm sure he will find out the truth.
135Finish writing書き終えるYou should finish writing before dinner.
136First of allまず第一にFirst of all, let me know your name, please.
137For a long time長い間I haven't seen him for a long time.
138For a whileしばらくの間Let me think for a while.
139For dinner夕食にWhat did you have for lunch?
140For example例えばFor example, you can choose coffee and tea.
141For some timeしばらくの間I lived in Okinawa for some time.
142For the first time初めてI saw him for the first time when I went to the party.
143From A to BAからBまでI'm leaving from Tokyo to Osaka.
144From now onこれからはずっとI'll quit smoking from now on.
145Get along with〜と仲良くやっていくDo you get along with co-workers?
146Get angry怒るHe got angry yesterday.
147Get back戻るWhen will you get back?
148Get married結婚するHe got married in June.
149Get off降りるWhere should I get off?
150Get on〜に乗るLet's get on the bus.
151Get out外に出るGet out now!
152Get out of〜から降りるWe should get out of the bus.
153Get to〜に着くHow can I get to the station?
154Get together集まるLet's get together after school.
155Get up起きるI usually get up at 6.
156Get wellよくなるI hope you'll get well soon.
157Give 〜a call〜に電話をするCould you give me a call tonight?
158Give upあきらめる、やめるDon't give up!
159Go abroad外国へ行くI want to go abroad someday.
160Go across〜を渡るWe went across the street.
161Go aheadさあ、どうぞ。Go ahead.
162Go and see見にいくWhy don't we go and see the festival?
163Go around〜を歩き回るI'm going to go around the city.
164Go away立ち去るGo away!
165Go back to〜へ戻るI'll go back to Sendai.
166Go down降りるGo down this street and turn left at the corner.
167Go home帰宅するDo you have to go home now?
168Go into〜に入るHe went into the forest to see the bird.
169Go on続くPlease go on talking.
170Go on a trip to〜へ旅行に出かけるHe went on a trip to Osaka.
171Go out外出するWe're planning to go out for dinner.
172Go shopping買い物に行くI'm going to go shopping with my friend.
173Go through〜を通り抜けるThe bus goes through the town.
174Go to bed寝るI go to bed at 9 pm every day.
175Go to school学校へ行くHe goes to school every day.
176Go up to〜に近寄るHe went up to the clock to check the time.
177Good luck幸運を祈るGood luck.
178Grow up大人になる、成長するI was born in Japan and grew up in England.
179Graduate from卒業するHe graduated from high school this year.
180Half of〜の半分Half of the bread is good for you.
181Happen to偶然〜するI happened to meet him.
182Have a chance to〜する機会があるWe have a chance to talk with him.
183Have a cold風邪をひいているDo you have a cold?
184Have a headache頭痛がするI have a headache.
185Have fun楽しむWe had a lot of fun at the party.
186Have no ideaわからないI have no idea.
187Have to〜しなければならないI have to go right now.
188Hear about〜について聞くHave you ever heard about it?
189Hear from〜から連絡があるI hope to hear from you.
190Help me with私の〜を手伝うCan you help me with cooking?
191Here and thereあちこちでYou can see people wearing masks here and there.
192Here you are.はいどうぞ。Here you are.
193Hold on, please.お待ちください。Hold on, please.
194How about〜はどうですか?How about you?
195How do you like〜はいかがですか?How do you like Sushi?
196How longどのくらいHow long are you going to stay here?
197How manyいくつのHow many pencils do you have?
198How many times何回How many times have you been to Tokyo?
199How muchはいくらHow much is it?
200How oftenどのくらいの頻度でHow often do you go to the cinema?
201How old何歳How old is he?
202How to〜の仕方Could you tell me how to use this camera?
203Hundreds of何百ものHundreds of people love this museum.
204Hurry up急ぐHurry up, or you'll be late for school.
205I hear that〜だそうだ。I hear that his father works in NY.
206I hope so.そうだといいですね。I hope so.
207I mean〜と言う意味であるI mean I've been there.
208I see.わかった。I see.
209I think so, too.私もそう思います。I think so, too.
210I think that私は〜だと思う。I think that he's honest.
211I'd like to〜したいのですが。I'd like to go there.
212I'm afraid that残念ですが〜と思う。I'm afraid that you're wrong.
213I'm sure thatきっと〜と思う。I'm sure that you run fast.
214In fact実は、実際In fact, it's different.
215In front of〜の前にThere are many people in front of the door.
216In order to〜するためにWe saved money in order to buy our mother's gift.
217In the endついにIn the end, they won.
218In the future将来はI want to go abroad in the future.
219In the middle of〜の真ん中にWe moved here in the middle of the year.
220In the morning午前中にThere are four classes in the morning.
221In this wayこのようにWash your hands this way.
222In those daysそのころはIn those days, we were poor.
223In time間に合ってShe arrived at the station in time.
224Instead of〜の代わりにHe gave me a gift instead of a bouquet.
225Introduce A to BAをBに紹介するI'll introduce him to you.
226Just thenちょうどその時Just then the bus came.
227Keep in touch連絡をとりあうLet's keep in touch.
228Keep talking話し続けるHe kept talking at the party.
229Last year去年I moved from Japan last year.
230Learn about〜について学ぶWe have to learn about foreign cultures.
231Learn to〜するようになるThe baby learned to smile.
232Leave a message伝言を残すCan I leave a message?
233Leave for〜に向けて出発するI leave for school at seven,
234Let me see.ええと。Let me see.
235Like A better than BBよりもAが好きだI like coffee better than tea.
236Listen to〜を聞くHe likes listening to music.
237Little by little少しずつShe walks little by little.
238Live in〜に住むI live in Tokyo.
239Long agoずっと前にLong ago, I used this tool.
240Look after〜の世話をするI look after my dog every day.
241Look around見回すI'm looking around the shop.
242Look at〜を見るHey, look at me.
243Look down見下ろすThe boy looked down and said nothing.
244Look for〜を探すI'm looking for Ken.
245Look forward to〜を楽しみに待つHe's looking forward to seeing you.
246Look into覗き込むHe looked into my eyes.
247Look like〜のように見えるHe looks like his father.
248Look up見上げるShe looked up from her notebook.
249Lose my way道に迷うI lost my way.
250lots ofたくさんのThere are lots of food on the table.
251Make a mistake間違えるI make a mistake on the test.
252Make a speechスピーチをするHe made a speech about his family.
253Make friends with〜と友達になるHe made friends with many people at school.
254Make fun of〜をからかうDon't make fun of someone's clothes.
255Make up my mind決心をするI haven't made up my mind yet.
256Many kinds ofいろいろな種類のI have many kinds of chairs.
257Many times何回もI've seen her many times.
258May I help you?お手伝いしてもいいですか?May I help you?
259More and moreますますMore and more, Kyoto is getting popular to visit.
260More than以上、もっとI have more than 5 years' experience.
261Most of〜のほとんどMost of them are poor.
262Move around〜を動き回るThe moon moves around the earth.
263Need to〜する必要があるWe need to talk with him.
264Next doorとなりにSomeone has just moved next door.
265Next timeこの次はMaybe next time.
266Next to〜のとなりにI sat next to Ken.
267No longerもはや〜ないThat ticket is no longer used here.
268No moreもう〜ないThere was no more fuel left.
269No oneだれも〜ない。No one knew what to do.
270Not 〜any moreこれ以上〜ないI can't eat anymore.
271not as 〜asほど〜はないI'm not as tall as my brother.
272Not at all少しも〜ない。You don't have to worry at all.
273Not only A but also BAだけでなくBもKen speaks not only English but also French.
274Not yet.まだ〜ない。I haven't decided yet.
275Of all全ての中でI like sushi the best of all.
276Of courseもちろんYes, of course.
277On the way〜へいく途中でThey were on the way home from school
278On foot徒歩でI go to school on foot.
279On the other hand他方ではMany people are friendly, on the other hand, some people are not.
280On the phone電話でShe is on the phone.
281On time時間通りにTrains usually come on time.
282On your rightあなたの右手にThe hospital is on your right.
283Once a week週に一度I play soccer once a week.
284Once moreもう一度Could you say that once more?
285One after another次々とMany people got around one after another.
286One dayある日One day, I went shopping with my mother.
287One of〜のうち〜の一つFishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.
288Out of〜から外へHe took some candy out of his pocket.
289On TVテレビでI watched the comedy on TV last night.
290Over thereむこうにThe man standing over there is my father.
291Part of〜の一部Part of the desk is made of stone.
292Pay for〜の代金を払うI'll pay for dinner.
293Pick up迎えにいくI'll pick him up at eleven.
294Play catchキャッチボールをするShall we play catch?
295Please help yourself.ご自由にお召し上がりください。Please help yourself.
296Plenty ofたくさんのI ate plenty of food at the party.
297Point to〜を指差すShe pointed to the blackboard.
298Prepare for〜の準備をするI prepared for my test.
299Put down〜を下に置くPut down your pen.
300Put it inそれを〜に入れるI put it in my bag.
301Put on〜を身につけるPut on your hat.
302Put out〜を出すHe put out his hand to shake hands.
303Put up〜を提示するWe put up a flag.
304Right awayすぐにYou should answer the question right away.
305Right now今すぐ、只今I'll be back right now.
306Run around走り回るChildren were running around in the park.
307Run away逃げるHe ran away after seeing me.
308Say hello to〜によろしくと言うPlease say hello to your mother.
309Say to myself心の中で思うI said to myself, " What's happening?"
310See him off彼を見送るHe went to the station to see me off.
311See a doctor医者にみてもらうYou should see a doctor.
312Seem to〜のように思われるHis story seems to be true.
313Shall I?〜しましょうか?Shall I open the window?
314Show you aroundあなたに案内するHe was kind enough to show me around.
315Since thenその時以来I haven't seen her since then.
316Sit down座るI haven't seen her since then.
317Sit on〜に座るCan I sit on this chair?
318Smile at〜に微笑むShe smiled at me.
319So that you canあなたができるようにDo I turn off the light so that you can relax?
320So tired that he can'tとても疲れているので、彼は〜できない。He is so tired that he can't study.
321So wonderful thatとても素晴らしいのでThis picture is so wonderful that I want it.
322Some dayいつかI want to be a doctor some day.
323Some of〜のいくつかSome of them are Japanese.
324Soon after〜のすぐあとにSoon after the party, he has gone to Hokkaido.
325Sound like〜のように聞こえるIt sounds like a good idea.
326Sounds good.良さそうですね。Sounds good.
327Speak to〜に話しかけるHe spoke to me in English.
328Stand for〜を表すFBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.
329Stand up立ち上がるHe told the students to stand up.
330Start to learn学習し始めるChildren in Japan start to learn English at 12 ys.
331Stay at滞在するStay at home.
332Stay up起きているKen stayed up late last night.
333Stay with〜の家に泊まるCan I stay with your family today?
334Stop watching見ることをやめるYou should stop watching TV.
335Such as〜のようなI like spicy food such as curry and Thai noodles.
336Suffer from〜に苦しむMany people in the world are suffering from hunger.
337take a bath風呂に入るTake a bath after dinner.
338Take a breakひと休みするDo we take a break?
339Take a look at〜をひとめ見るCan I take a look at your new car?
340Take a message伝言を預かるCan I take a message?
341Take a picture写真を撮るMay I take a picture here?
342Take a walk散歩するShe takes a walk in the park.
343Take away片付けるCould you take away these?
344Take care of〜の世話をするI'll take care of a pet.
345Take it easy.気楽に。無理しないで。Take it easy.
346Take me to私を〜に連れていくHe took me to Paris last year.
347Take my dog for a walk.犬を散歩についれていくI take my dog for a walk every morning.
348Take off〜を脱ぐCould you take off your shoes?
349Take out〜を取り出すMy father took me out for a drive.
350Take part in〜に参加するI'll take part in the party.
351Talk about〜について話すWhat are you talking about?
352Talk to〜と話すI'll talk to you later.
353Talk with〜と話し合うCan I talk with you?
354Tell me toわたしに〜するように言うHe always tells me to study hard.
355Than before以前よりもHis English is better than before.
356Thanks to〜のおかげでThanks to you, I can use a new PC.
357Thank you for〜をありがとうThank you for your help.
358That's right.その通りです。That's right.
359The next day次の日The next day, I sent him an e-mail.
360The number of〜の数The number of cars in japan is increasing.
361The other day先日I met Mr. Sato the other day.
362The same as〜と同じThe number of this class is about the same as that of my family.
363The way to〜する方法I'll show you the way to use the phone.
364These daysこの頃、最近It's getting colder these days.
365Think about〜のことを考えるWhat do you think about his question?
366This morning今朝I did homework this morning.
367This oneこちらのものHow about this one?
368This time今回はI'll pass it this time.
369Throw away〜を捨てるPlease throw it away in the bin.
370Too busy to忙しすぎて〜できないI'm too busy to go to the cinema.
371Try on〜を試着するCan I try on this dress?
372Turn around振り向くShe turned around when I tapped on her shoulder.
373Turn down弱くするCould you turn down the air conditioner?
374Turn off〜を消すCan you turn off the light?
375Up toまでYou can get up to 90% off.
376Used toよく〜したものだI used to play tennis.
377Wait for〜を待つI'm waiting for him.
378Wake up目を覚ますI woke up early in the morning.
379Walk around〜を歩き回るWe were walking around.
380Walk toへ歩いていくI walk to school every day.
381Want to〜したいWhat do you want to eat?
382Want you tryあなたに〜してもらいたいI want you try to come with me.
383Welcome to〜へようこそWelcome to our school.
384What kind ofどんな種類のWhat kind of fruits do you like?
385What time何時にWhat time is it now?
386What to do何をしたら良いかI don't know what to do.
387What's wrong?どうしましたか?What's wrong?
388Which do you like better, A or B?AとBのどちらが好きですか?Which do you like better, melon or apple?
389Why don't you〜しませんか?Why don't you come with me?
390Wish for〜を望むWe wish for all children's happiness.
391With a smileほほえみながらHe ran through with a smile.
392Without saying言わないでI stood there without saying anything.
393Would you like?〜はいかがですか?Would you like a cup of coffee?
394Work at〜で働くHe works at the bank.
395Work on〜に取り組むHe is working on a new project.
396Worry about〜について心配するI'm worried about you.
397Write back返事を書くI have to write back to Ken.
398Write down〜を書き留めるPlease write this down.
399You're kidding.冗談でしょう。You're kidding.
400You're welcome.どういたしまして。You're welcome.