SAKURA English サクラ・イングリッシュ・スクール

024 | 日常英会話でネイティブが使う基本の英語フレーズ

1わかったI got it.
2今日は忙しいI'm busy today.
3お先にどうぞAfter you.
4同じだSame here.
5何もいらないよJust bring yourself.
6カードで支払いますI'll charge it.
7僕のおごりですIt's on me.
8全部でいくらですか?What does it come to?
9気にしないでNever mind.
10それをいただきますI'll take it.
11すぐに戻りますI'll be back in minutes.
12見逃さないでねYou can't miss it.
13トイレはどこですか?Where is the bathroom?
14どういたしましてYou're welcome.
15どうしたの?What's wrong?
16あなたはどうしますか?How about you?
17ちょっと待ってJust a moment.
18君はいくつですか?How old you?
19年を聞いてもいいですか?May I ask your age?
20手伝ってくれる?Could you give me a hand?
21料理は得意なんだI'm a good cook.
22辛いの食べられる?Are you ok with spicy foods?
23おかわりしてもいい?Can I have seconds?
24忙しいんだI have a lot of work.
25大学生ですI'm a college student.
26ドアのところに誰かいるSomebody is at the door.
27質問がありますI have a question for you.
28かけなおしてくださいPlease call back later?
29けっこうですNo,thank you.
30出かけようLet's go out today.
31ほとんど毎日ツイートしてますI tweet almost every day.
32体重はどのくらい?How much do you weigh?
33正直に話してPlease explain what's on your mind?
34もう寝なさいGo to bed soon.
35うるさくて眠れないIt's so noisy I can't fall asleep.
36彼女は口が軽いShe has a big mouth.
37ちゃんとした方がいいよYou'd better shape up.
38言葉をかわしたWe exchanged words.
39あなたって優しいのねYou're sweet.
40鼻をほじらないでDon't pick your nose.
41耳掃除しなよPick your ears.
42爪切らなきゃYou need to trim your fingernails.
43目覚ましのセット忘れないでDon't forget to set your alarm clock.
44あいつはだめだよHe's a dumbo.
45ぐっすりねてねSleep tight.
46全く意味がわからないIt sounds Greek to me.
47全く価値がないIt's not worth a bean.
48あくびが止まらないよI can't stop yawning.
49寝坊した!I overslept
50顔を洗ってねGo wash your face.
51歯をみがいてBrush your teeth.
52空気が乾燥しているなあThe air is dry.
53眠くなってきたI'm getting sleepy.
54電気消してTurn off the light.
55よだれ垂らしてたよYou drooled.
56忙しくしてるの?Keeping busy?
57家族は元気にしてる?How's your family?
58なんだか変わったねYou look different.
59元気にやってる?How's everything?
60すっごい偶然!What a coincidence !
61良い一日をHave a nice day!
63感謝しますI appreciate it.
64そんなつもりじゃなかったんだI didn't mean it.
65よくあることだよIt happens.
66ごめんじゃすまないよSorry isn't enough.
67気にしないでねNo worries.
68申し訳ありませんI apologize.
69それで?And then?
70そうなの?Is it?
71彼女、大っ嫌いI hate her.
72これはあんまり向いてないなThis is not for me.
73アルコールは体質的に合わないAlcohol doesn't agree with me.
74今日はついてないToday isn't my day.
75あなたはすごいわI'm proud of you.
76よくやったなWell done.
77無理しないでTake it easy.
78元気出してCheer up!
79つまんないなあHow boring.
80がっかりさせないでDon't let me down.
81飽きちゃったーI'm bored.
82いいかげんにしてGimme a break.
83寂しいよI miss you.
84怒らせないでDon't make me angry.
85もうダメだIt's hopeless.
86それを聞いて安心したThat's good to know.
88心配しちゃったYou had me worried.
89緊張しすぎだよYou are so tense.
90手が震えるよーMy hands are shaking.
92痛いThat hurts.
93困ってますI'm in trouble.
94恥ずかしいなI feel ashamed.
95痛いよI'm in pain.
96その話はしないでLet's not talk about it.
98えぐいなThat's nasty!
99いい天気だなあ!Such a sunny day!
100もう雨はやだなNo rain again!
101雪が積もるといいなI hope the snow stays.
102今の雷?Was that thunder?
103あ、雨だIt's starting to rain.
104めっちゃ寒い!I'm freezing!
105流れ星だ!A shooting star!
106どう言う意味?What does it mean?
107慌てるな!Don't panic!
108ねえ、揺れてる?Hey, is it shaking?
109車にひかれたんだってHe got hit by a car.
110つまづいたI tripped over.
111落ち着こうWe have to stay calm.
112頭ぶつけたI banged my head.
113スピード出さないでねDon't go too fast.
114出血しているよYou're bleeding.
115春は眠くなるなSpring makes me sleepy.
116冬がはじまるよWinter is coming.
117春がきたSpring has come.
1182月24日は私の誕生日だよFebruary 24th is my birthday.
119梅雨開けはいつ?When will the rainy season end?
120誕生日おめでとうHappy birthday!
121お祝いしなきゃWe have to celebrate.
122フィリピン人はフレンドリーFilipinos are very friendly.
123あなたって意地悪ねYou are so mean.
124僕は心が広いんだI'm open-mind.
125良く寝たI had a good sleep.
126あなたって頑固ねYou are stubborn.
127ひどい、いびきだったよYou snored terribly.
128アラーム鳴った?Did the alarm work?
129朝ごはんできたよBreakfast is ready.
130洋服、うらおもて逆だよYou're wearing your clothes inside out.
131靴、反対にはいてるよYour shoes are on the wrong feet.
132借りてもいい?Can I borrow?
133それほんと?Is that true?
1345時までに戻るよI'll be back by 5p.m.
1355分くらいでつきますI'll be there in about 5 minutes.
136ケンってどんな人なの?What's Ken like?
137あなたっていい加減な人ねYou're unreliable.
138彼ってケチなのよHe's so cheap!
139僕はお金にだらしがないI'm loose with money.
140彼って面白いでしょう?Isn't he funny?
141できるかな?Is it possible?
142申し訳ありませんMy apology.
143今、暇ですか?Are you free now?
144入っていい?Can I come in?
145すみませんExcuse me.
147本当?Are you sure?
148何が起きたの?What happened ?
149急ぎなの?Are you in a rush?
150考えておくねI'll think about it.
151わからなくなったI'm confused.
152そうだねI see.
153それは残念だねThat's too bad.
154早く良くなってねGet well soon.
155よかったねI'm happy for you.
156夢みたいだIt's like a dream.
157感動したI was very touched.
158気持ちはわかるよI know the feeling.
159ここは居心地がいいなIt's cozy here.
160頑張ってよかったMy efforts paid off.
161安心したよI'm relieved.
162ようやく一息つけるI can finally relax.
163少し気分が良くなったI feel lighter.
164さすがだなあJust as expected!
165ハマっちゃった!I'm hooked!
166すごく楽しい!It's a lot of fun!
167好きじゃないなI don't like it.
168もう嫌気がさすよI'm sick of it.
169泣きそうI'm about to cry.
170それ大っ嫌いI hate it!
171具合が良くないなI don't feel well.
172興味がないなI'm not interested.
173つまんないなI'm bored.
174傷ついたI'm hurt.
175むなしいよI feel empty.
176いらっとするなあHow annoying!
177のど渇いたI'm thirsty.
178どうすればいい?What should I do?
179落ち着いてCalm down.
180大丈夫だよIt's ok.
181むかつくな!It upsets me!
183怖いI'm afraid.
184もうおしまいだIt's hopeless.
185賛成してくれる?Do you agree?
186ずるいよIt's not fair.
187反対だなI'm against it.
188納得できないなI'm not convinced.
189かまわないよNo problem.
190君のせいじゃないよIt's not your fault.
191許してくださいPlease forgive me.
192心配しないでDon't worry.
193君ならできるYou can do it.
194私は味方よI'm on your side.
195君にまかせるよI'll leave it to you.
196誰にも言わないでねPlease don't tell anyone.
197ピカピカになったIt's spick-and-span.
198ゴミ出してくるI'll take the trash out.
199頼りにしているよI'm counting on you.
200私がいるよI'm here for you.