Sakura English サクラ・イングリッシュ

対話を聞き取る〜実践 みじかい英語リスニング【273】

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I hope we can meet again soon.I hope so.
Am I interrupting you?Not at all. Come in.
We're late. Shake it up!Don't rush me!
What do you want to eat tonight?It's up to you.
You seem bothered.It's nothing.
I'm late because of stuck in traffic, sorry.It doesn’t matter.
I work until midnight these days.Wow. It's tough.
I passed the exam!Oh, yeah? Way to go!
I only have 1000 yen.That’ll do.
Can I have a cup of coffee?Same here.
Excuse me, where can I find rice?It's in aisle 4 next to sugar.
Do you want another dish?No, thank you anyway.
Let’s go out tonight.I wish I could. But I can't.
I made a mistake...It happens. Don’t worry.
Asakusa is here, right?I think you’ve made a mistake.
Thank you for your help.Anytime.
Can you help me bring these tables?No worries.
What do you think about this?It sounds good.
Can you have a look?Oh! This is great! Well done!
This printer has jammed again.Take it easy.
Whose shoes are these?Oh, they are mine. Thanks.
Sorry, I didn't mean it.Give me a break!
Actually, I'm in trouble.What happened?
I heard you failed your exam again.Yeah, I feel empty now.
Are you free tomorrow?I’m free until noon.
Are you getting along with your coworkers?Yeah, we get along.
What's new with you?So far, so good.
What are you up to these days?Same old same old.
His business is going great.I don’t buy that.
Have you been to Hokkaido?Yes, I've been there three times.
Who are you bringing?I'm bringing John.
Should we buy a new car now?Let’s wait and see.
May I help you?I'm just browsing.
You have a great fashion sense.That's very kind of you to say so.
I'll help you. Are the boxes heavy?No, they are all right.
Why didn't you come over and talk to me?You were with someone.
Please accept my apologies.Apologies accepted.
Hey, do you know where my phone is?How should I know?
This is Ken. Do you read me?Yes, I read you.
Could you give us a few minutes?Sure. Can I help you with anything?
Whose shoes are these?Oh, they are mine. Thanks.
Which woman do you mean?That tall woman.
Can I ask some questions?Sure. Go ahead.
Where can we meet?How about the front of the station?
What can I bring?No problem. I'll prepare everything.
Congratulations on your promotion! You made it!It was pure luck.
Is it ok if I am late?It is ok. Take your time.
I like your new hairstyle. It is really nice.Thank you for the compliment.
I passed the exam!That’s really something.
I am sorry that I am late.That’s ok. I just got here.
Would you come with me?Yes, I’d love to.
Where is the office?Walk straight, to your right.
Are you free now? Can we go to lunch together?Sure. Let's go.
He just kept talking without asking what I thought.That is rude.
Eat whatever you like.Really? Thank you.
Do you understand the new process?No, it is over my head.
Are you with me so far?Sure. Could you give me time to think?
We are going there on foot.Don’t be silly. It is too far.
Do you think that it is the book he was talking about?It could be.
Did you hear that?Tell me, I’m all ears.
Is he coming today?I hope so.
What he is saying is correct?Yes and no.
I had a great time. Let’s meet up again.Me, too. See you soon.
I have to go now.I’m with you.
Does anyone have any objections?No objection!
Why don’t we go out for dinner tonight?I’d rather eat at home.
Did you lose some weight?Yeah, actually I’m on a diet.
Breakfast is ready.Okay. I'm coming.
Is it ok at 6 PM in the lobby?Perfect! Then see you later.
This is mine, right?No. It's mine!
I'm looking forward to seeing you.So am I.
I think I may have caught a cold.You should take a day off today.
I'd like to make an appointment.When would you like to come?
Is this the end of the line?The end of the line is over there.
You've got a lovely house.Let me show you around.
It looks like it's going to snow.I hear they are calling for snow all weekend.
What flights are there to Hong Kong?There are two flights tomorrow.
I'd like to change my flight reservation.What's your booking number?
Do you have any coins or keys in your pockets?I've taken everything out.
The air conditioner isn't working.I'll send the plumber in right away.
The toilet is not flushing properly.I'll look into it for you.
I should go to the hospital right away.We have to call a taxi right away!
Why don’t we go shopping on Saturday?I’m not really in the mood to go out.
Did you have a busy week?No, it was pretty calm.
Could you take our picture?Sorry to be rude, but I'm in a rush.
I'd like one more.Sure. Go ahead.
Do you have any siblings?No, I'm an only child.
May I take your order?Yes, I'd like a hamburger, please.
Do you know who did it?No, I don't.
Could you pass me the salt?Here you are.
Did you enjoy your meal?Yes, it was wonderful.
Can you get me that pen?Sure. Here it is.
I heard you failed your exam again.Yeah, I feel empty now.
Are you getting along with your coworkers?Yeah, we get along.
What do you want me to bring?Don't worry. Just bring yourself!
Be careful.I'm OK. I can do it by myself.
I'm going to go for a walk.Wait a second. Let me go with you.
Are you sure you’re not hungry?I'm good. I'm not really hungry.
Where are you going?I'm going to my friend's house.
I think it's not his fault.I agree with you.
You look pale. Are you feeling sick?Yeah. I've got a terrible headache.
Can I help you?I'm good. I'm just browsing.
Whose turn is it?I'm finished. It's your turn.
Can you look into this for me?Leave it to me.
What do you think about it?Let me think about it.
Do you speak English?Sure. Do you need help?
Can I ask you something?Yes, go ahead.
My stomach hurts.It's better to lie down for a while.
Can I try?Sure. Go ahead.
My family is close.I wish I were you.
I'll call you as soon as possible.OK. See you later.